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About Decibel

The Republic Bank Decibel Entertainment Festival (DEF) is an artistic showcase staged each year at Queen’s Hall, St. Ann’s, on the island of Trinidad since 2015. Built for teens and families alike, this event is designed to resemble a theme park environment, where thousands of patrons gain the opportunity to experience: live entertainment, attractions, shopping and dining, and partake in an electric atmosphere in which one can enter new worlds via virtual reality, come face to face with A-list celebrities from blockbuster movies and popular television shows, or simply dance the night away to their favourite musical acts from the Caribbean region or around the globe.

The primary goal of our festival is to showcase emerging and established talent in all related artistic sectors such as music, film, fashion, dance and the arts. However our mission throughout the years has evolved from the mere act of revealing upcoming talent, to discovering ways we can build incubators or facilitate one’s artistic dreams beyond their wildest imagination. To accomplish this successfully, we have embarked on a year round activation plan which involves the creation of:

  • Career workshops
  • Informational school tours
  • Mentorship programs
  • Job placement assistance
  • Grant funding for projects
  • Educational sponsorships, and
  • Dream fulfilments

The year 2020 has been challenging for all of us, and for the first time we had to stage our entire festival as an online experience.

During the lockdown we turned to our social media to witness performances of DJs and artists to uplift our spirits. We embraced music, participated in various workshops on fashion & beauty, keenly listened to interviews with talent on the state of the world, and virtually discovered alternate realities in gaming, to find escape from this new normal.

As a tribute to the world we knew and the world we know today, over the weekend period of July 3rd – 5th, we presented a different version of the Republic Bank Decibel Entertainment Festival (DEF).

This was a virtual experience, which took place across most familiar social media platforms, provided an outlet for our creatives and those who work behind the scenes to demonstrate the beauty of our arts. It was everything that you love about our festival streamed via our digital platforms over an entire weekend. If you missed it, simply go to our Instagram or YouTube channel to see performances or live interviews featuring dozens of creatives.

None of us can predict the future, and although we know things may not be back to normal for some time; our hope is that we can turn to our platform into a vehicle for promoting philanthropic causes, discovering emerging talent throughout the entire Caribbean region, and allowing students in the arts to learn, network, and connect, with their icons and mentors.

This is not just the DEF dream. It’s our mission!