Decibel Cosplay

Our Vision

Our vision for the Decibel Entertainment Festive Cosplay (DEFPLAY) Competition is to continue to create a stage for persons of all ages and skill levels to express their creative side and show the depth of their fandom.

On Sunday 7 th July 2019, DEFPLAY will take Cosplayers to an ancient Greek Arena located in the Auditorium at Queen’s Hall where they will battle for astonishing prizes including relics from the Gods of War.

Warriors beware that not only meticulously designed battle gear will win you this competition. Be prepared to give a performance worthy of the affection of the Gods themselves!

Although we strive to be as detailed as possible, the following rules are not exhaustive.

DEFPLAY reserves the right to determine if your costume is appropriate. We strongly advise you to contact us in advance if you have questions.

Let’s get started.



There will be a mandatory 3-minute presentation of your costume to the judges during pre- judging. Depending on the complexity and detail, the judges may request additional time to observe and properly judge your costume.

During Pre-Judging be prepared to talk about your costume and character from conception to creation.

The Battle Arena

Entrants must leave the stage as clean as it was when they first walked on it.

Absolutely no flame or pyrotechnical props are permitted.

Audio / Visual

The DEFPLAY team, will be able to facilitate audio and visual elements that can enhance the Warrior’s presentation as there will be screens on stage to aid your presentation.

All Audio / Visual files must be Uploaded to the DEFPLAY website or emailed to by no later than Friday 5th July, 2019.

The DEFPLAY team will attempt to accommodate requests with respect to lighting, but this is not guaranteed, as such performances should cater for circumstances when lighting requests are denied.

Warrior Arrival

On the day of the event, contestants must arrive on time for check in at 12 noon at the backstage area of the Queen’s Hall Auditorium. During this time, depending on the number of entries, we may begin pre-show judging with the judges.

Pre-judging is mandatory and there will be NO late entries once prejudging has ended. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Our COSPITAL area will be designated for Cosplayers to make last minute adjustments to costumes, and a dressing area will be assigned on the day. Please note that there will only be basic tools available at the COSPITAL.

DEFPLAY reserves the right to deny any/or all costumes not deemed appropriate and/or safe.


All warriors are expected to make a minimum 2-minute presentation for the Gods of War to decide their fate. The presentation should depict their character in different phases of battle and should include a signature BATTLECRY!

Warriors will be lined up as per their assigned order determined at check in.

Only registered entrants are allowed in the Green Room and staging area. Please be aware that this means friends, children not participating in the contest, and animals are not to accompany entrants.

Costumes must allow freedom of movement to navigate stairs.

Please notify the DEFPLAY team when you register if you require an assistant for larger costumes.



In keeping with our commitment to the development and exposure of the widest range of cosplayers, the previous year’s DEFPLAY Cinema Makeup School Scholarship Winner will be allowed to showcase in this year’s DEFPLAY edition but will NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO COMPETE. This ensures that a new cosplayer will have the opportunity to win a scholarship to the Cinema Make Up School in Los Angeles courtesy Republic Bank. The 2018 DEFPLAY Scholarship winner can compete in the 2020 DEFPLAY Competition.

All other previous DEFPLAY winners are eligible to compete for all prizes in this year’s edition of DEFPLAY.

As part of the alliance pact between DEFPLAY, ANIMEKON and KASAI CON, the overall winner of the most recent iterations of these two events (ANIMEKON and KASAI CON) can showcase in this year’s DEFPLAY but will be ineligible to compete. These winners can compete in the 2020 DEFPLAY Competition.



Costumes must be street-legal and suitable for all audiences, as DEFPLAY is an all-ages event. Laws of public decency apply.

No one will be permitted to be topless in DEFPLAY. Genitalia and/or nipples must not be visible through the costume. Liquid latex/ body paint does NOT constitute a costume. All “private parts” must be covered by actual clothing and you may use liquid latex/body paint as an enhancement.

Appropriate footwear is always recommended. If your costume calls for bare feet, you may proceed at your own risk. DEFPLAY will not be liable for any injury sustained due to lack of appropriate footwear.

The illusion of nudity is unacceptable. No Exceptions.

DEFPLAY officials reserve the right to make final judgment calls on what is “decent”. If staff feels that your costume is indecent or inappropriate in any way, you will be asked to change or cover it.

DEFPLAY reserves the right to deny any/or all costumes not deemed appropriate and/or safe.


ALL WEAPONS must be inspected and approved by DEFPLAY Officials prior to being carried or displayed in public areas. If you are found to be in violation of this policy, you will be escorted off the premises immediately.

DEFPLAY reserves the right to deny any/or all costumes not deemed appropriate and/or safe.

The following projectile weapons are NOT permitted at DEFPLAY:

• Dart guns
• BB guns
• Crossbows
• Real firearms

Projectile weapons are limited to the following (*upon inspection by DEFPLAY security):

• Replica/Artificial firearms
• Projectile weapons may not fire any type of solid, liquid or gas
• All projectile weapons with moveable triggers are required to be zip tied in place (peace-bonded)

No live steel (edged metal weapons) will be permitted. Bladed replica weapons must be made of a non-metal, non-sharp material, must be no more than 72 inches in length, and must be approved by DEFPLAY Security.

DEFPLAY reserves the right to deny any/or all costumes not deemed appropriate and/or safe.

Props & Accessories Policy

Metal props may not be carried in public areas. This applies to any large props and weapons, as well as small hand props such as shuriken, fans, wrenches or other items. Metal is permitted on the costume itself, provided it extends no more than 2 inches from the body in any direction, is in no way sharp, and does not present a safety hazard, as determined by DEFPLAY officials.

Use caution when carrying or displaying large props. If you are seen wielding a large prop in a reckless or dangerous manner, you will be asked to leave DEFPLAY.

If DEFPLAY officials feel that your prop poses a risk to others, you will be asked to remove the item from public areas, or it may be confiscated.

No adult-themed props/paraphernalia are permitted.