Our Cosplay Judges

Celine Isaac

Celine Isaac is the Co-founder and Creative Director of Kasai Con International, an Anime/Cosplay pop culture event which is held in Trinidad every Easter.

Celine is also a local cosplayer who has been cosplaying continuously for over 5 years. Some of her most noteworthy costumes are her Ara Haan and Dark SuperGirl. She hopes to bring further awareness and acceptance of the art form in Trinidad and Tobago, and welcomes any newcomers to the community with open arms.

Valmiki Maharaj

Valmiki Maharaj, Creative Director of The Lost Tribe, has made excellence in service – exquisite design and customer service alike – his calling card in the Carnival industry.

His strong work ethic and can-do attitude have catapulted The Lost Tribe from a wild idea to a popular and highly sought after choice for masqueraders all over the world.

In this game a long time, Val has been a member of the TRIBE family since 2008, and before that, a student at the University of London and Queen’s Royal College.

Melissa Young

Melissa Young is a hero, an under-cover Slytherin and a doer of things. By day, and sometimes by night, she is an independent communications consultant. At all times she is the Creative Director and Co-founder of AnimeKon, the Eastern Caribbean’s best comic-convention, held annually in Barbados since 2010.

Melissa’s oversight of AnimeKon’s creative and strategic direction has been critical to the development of the regional online community of cosplayers, the widely anticipated annual cosplay competition, and the more recent Geekcation® Travel programme.

Before becoming a consultant, Melissa was an award-winning advertising account manager and worked with leading advertising agencies in Barbados for over 12 years. She is proud dog-mom to Xena, not quite a warrior but a princess all the same.

Sheldon Daljitsingh

Sheldon Daljitsingh is a cosplayer and our grand prize winner of the 2018 DEFPLAY Competition.

He began cosplaying in 2013. With over 7 years in total. A self taught maker of props and replicas from movies, comic books, anime.

Having competed in many events held in Trinidad and Tobago as well as regional countries like Barbados. And having recently studied at Cinema Makeup School in L.A under the Def5 arts and entertainment festival.

His goal is to become role-model for makers in that it doesn’t matter background, materials, skills or gender. Its about building and making what your passionate about. and sharing it with others.